Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Top ten reasons for Re-branding

Top ten reasons for Re-branding

On average, organisations and brands change their corporate identities once every seven to ten years. This often involves restyling logos, colour palettes, visual language and the photographic style. In a small number of cases, the name of the organisation is also changed during this process. Although there is usually one main reason for making the change, the motivation behind a rebranding project is often a combination of several factors.

Ten most common reasons for a rebranding.

1. Mergers, acquisitions and demergers

2. Repositioning

3. Internationalisation

4. Changing markets

5. Bad reputation

6. Conflict with stakeholders

7. New CEO

8. Outdated image

9. Changing brand portfolio

10. Further development of corporate identity

The picture displays how few companies have Re-branded their logos

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